Best Jungle Boys Strains in 2021

Best Jungle Boys Strains in 2021

Purple Punch Jungle Boys

Purple Punch is a hybrid of two Indica dominant strains. It is a cross combination of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple strains. The overall smell of this strain is like grape candy, blueberry muffins, and tart Kool. Consumer of Purple Punch can feel and get the punches in head and body after one or two punch of this strain. Purple Punch is one of the sweetest strains. Therefore, it is the best option to consume at night or after dinner.

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Users of this strain can overcome nausea, depression, stress, body aches, and insomnia with a minor dose—the buds of this strain and light purple with thick orange hairs coated in trichomes. Purple Punch takes a little time to set into your body. That’s why beginners should take it carefully and with complete precautions. The overall aroma of this strain is more pleasant than other Indica dominants. Additionally, even after the high potency of this strain, the effects are easy and nature-hybrid. The consumer will feel relax, happy, euphoric, and uplifted. On the other side, Purple Punch also has a few negative effects: mouth dryness, headache, dizziness, and dry eyes.

Mitten Cake Better

Mitten cake better is an original form of mint F1 with Kush mints hits to taste much better. The overall taste of Mitten cake better is sweetest with higher uplifting effects. You will feel relax and good mood but with minor snoozing. You can also get and enjoy a lot of Kyiv when you broke and separate the buds of this strain.

This strain is smooth with controllable effects even after higher uplifting. Mitten cake better tastes like sweet mountain air. The buds of this strain are similar to GSC and help release stress and anxiety at the same time. If you have insomnia and minor chronic pain, Mitten Cake Better is for you. You would surely enjoy the euphoric effects of this strain.

Moreover, mitten cake has THC levels up to 30%. However, the overall body and mind effects of this strain are good and considerable to treat depression. Mitten cake is better and highly effective in Indica and Sativa with a strong THC 29% level.
The early effects of Mitten Cake are more dominant because of Sativa but with a good and relaxed body buzz.

Orange Cookies Jungle Boys

Orange Cookies Jungleboys strain is a combination of orange juice and Girl Scout Cookies. The flavor of this strain is orange with a strong aroma of citrus. Orange Cookies aroma resembles highly with fresh tangerine. The orange flavor of this strain gives your body more calming and relaxing effects in no time. Additionally, you can also get the feel of euphoric cerebral buzz that makes you happier and more active.
The buds of orange cookies are medium-size with hairs that help to hold the dense structure of typical Indica varieties. Orange cookies smell is more arresting seem with striking visuals. Most of the consumers can feel the vibes like aficionado’s cannabis because of its pungent Sativa Tangier smell. When you break or grind the buds of orange cookies, it will smell like pepper herbal with undertones of orange zest. On the other hand, when you burn these buds, you will feel the pleasant smell with a sugary taste on exhale. Although Orange Cookies has purple hues, it still doesn’t smell or taste like berries.

The consumers of Orange Cookies can feel the instant fuzziness and more energy in their body or head. When this strain uplifts the mind and body, the consumer feels more motivated and thoughtful. However, the dominancy of the Indica strain keeps the user stranded that prevents him from enjoying and go into the cerebral experience.Best Weed Killer
Overall, Orange Cookies is a great strain for hikers and gym-freaks to keep them motivated and energetic all time. This strain is effective and enjoyable in the daytime as well as nighttime.

Zkittlez Cake

Jungle boys Zkittlez cake is an Indica dominant strain. It has 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. This strain is a cross combination of delicious Zkittlez and Wedding Cake Strains. The taste of this strain will leave your head to spin with the sweetest feeling of creepiness because of its fresh berries and sour citrus accent. The aroma of Zkittlez cake is sweet with a cakey overtone with a punch of earthy pepper and sweet fruits. This strain would be an ideal cake on weekends to keep yourself higher with the feeling of relaxation and happiness.
The consumer will surely experience a spiritual uplift with an intense sense of creativity. Zkittlez cake will high your senses as you fall asleep, your body into heavenly coldness. It will give you a comfortable and pain-free sleep in no time when you sink into your couch. The THC level is up to 24% in this Indica dominant strain. Zkittlez cake strain is an ideal option to relieve stress, depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue.

The buds of this strain have a dense shape with a forest green color. Moreover, the nugs are covered with thick amber hairs and coated with tiny trichomes crystals.

Creamsicle Jungle Boys

Creamsicle Jungleboys strain is Sativa dominant created with a combination of sweet citrus and vanilla. This strain has subtle effects on the mind and body with a pure sweet taste like a dessert. Furthermore, Creamsicle is one of the lower potency cannabis with a 26% THC level. So, it’s suitable and best for the newcomers who cannot overcome the higher uplifting effects.
Jungle boys Creamsicle looks like solid flowers that are cylindrical with a slight tapering from base to tip.
The leaves of this strain are mossy green shade coated with translucent white trichome. These trichomes give a silvery shine to the leaves of Creamsicle. The flavor of this strain is like a sharp fruit or citrus tang with undertones of berry scent.

However, this strain doesn’t have spicy or peppery odors when you broke or ground it. Creamsicle offers a smooth smoke when burnt. You can feel the noticeable taste of orange on exhale with a few hints of vanilla.

Wedding Crashers Jungle Boys

Jungle boys Wedding crashers strain is Sativa dominant. This strain is a combination or hybrid of classic wedding cake and purple punch strains. If you are looking for a long-lasting uplifter with a lot of energy and motivation to dance on the floor, Wedding Crashers strain is for you. This strain will not affect your thinking power, and you can surely enjoy the routine conversation with your friends or family members.
Wedding Crashers will immediately uplift your senses with a feeling of happiness, motivation, and a lot of positive energy. The positive, creative energy because of this strain will help you to think clearly by replacing the negative vibes and feelings in your mind. The THC level is between 13-21% in the Wedding Crashers strain. That’s why this strain is the suitable option to treat depression, sadness, chronic stress, mood swings, nausea, and loss of appetite.

The buds of Wedding Crashers are sweet, like grape berry with a light vanilla flavor. The aroma of this strain is similar to earthy diesel. On the other hand, the buds of this strain are forest green with thick orange hairs. Wedding Crashers buds offer the purple undertone coated with tiny trichomes amber crystals.

Jungle Cake Jungle Boys

Jungle cake is a hybrid strain of Indica and Sativa. It is created with the combination of white fire#43 and wedding cake strains. This strain is popular among youngsters and elders because of its higher and long-lasting relaxation effects. For sure, no one would underestimate jungle cake because of its highly effective hybrid properties.
This type of Jungleboys strain builds up slowly and lift your mental state into joy and comfort. You will feel happy and completely unconscious in this state and also tend to have fits of giggles in that period. On the other hand, your body and mind will remain in a pure state of relaxation for a long time. Jungle cake has an average of 30% THC level. If someone is suffering from severe conditions such as loss of appetite, nausea, and chronic stress, this strain is an ideal option for him. On the other hand, it is also suitable for those suffering from mood swings and depression.

Jungle cake has a sweet flavor like sugary fruits and berries with a few hints of nuttiness and marshmallows. The overall shape of jungle cake buds is like rounded grape-shape forest green nugs. Lastly, jungle cake has a coating of frosty thick white crystal trichomes. Above all, it’s a good strain if you want to relax and feel happy with your spirit uplift.

Mai tai Jungle Boys

Mai Tai strain is a combination of Maui Waui and Tutti Frutti. It is a tropical strain with a sweet and tangy taste. However, most of the companies also create it by crossing the Sunset Sherbet and Purple Punch. When you open up the packaging of Mai Tai, you will feel the smell like berries and citrus with the hints of fresh earth and tropical flowers. When you exhale it, Mai tai tastes like a fruity cocktail cousin.
The buds of Mai Tai look like light purple and a bit light green flower. So, the consumers of this strain can easily notice the thick layer of trichomes. The THC level in this strain is above 30%. That’s why the new users and consumers of this strain should use Mai Tai carefully because of its higher and potent effects.

You may experience the heavy body with eliminated pain that can also create a body buzz because of increased energy levels in the body. However, the experienced users of this strain enjoy taking while performing their daily tasks. It becomes easier for the users to perform their tasks quickly and in a good mood. Moreover, Mai Tai strain can also increase the joy level by enhancing the perception in any social situation.

Grape Head Jungle Boys

The grape head is one of the most popular and well-known Jungleboys strains because of its higher and potent effects. The grape head is one of those strains that totally blow up the consumer’s mind in no time. Grape head jungle boys smell like pungent scents like green crack, Gorilla Glue, and Dutch Treat.
This strain is generated with grapes, pine, lemon, and gas—these all ingredients mix to offer the best taste and citrus smell. The citrus smell and taste are the main things that make grape head strain consumer’s favorite. The nugs of Grape head strain coated with white trichomes give it a super gorgeous green, white and purple overall look.

The buds of the Grape head are thinner than other stains but with the greatest taste and smell, experience than others. You can keep yourself high and productive at the same time after having this strain. But if you are not ready for the long haul, grape head strain is not for you. On the other hand, this strain is not made up for beginner-level consumers. But if you love cannabis with higher quality, you will surely go for this strain.

Sundae Driver Jungle Boys

Sundae Driver is a hybrid from Jungleboys strains. This strain is a mixture or combination of Grape Pie and FPOG. If you are taking this strain on an initial level, it will provide the feeling of relaxation, happiness, calm and balanced at the same time. Sundae driver tastes like sweet, creamy, and mellow flavor. The buds of this strain are in light green and purple colors. Moreover, these buds are soaked or coated in trichomes.

If you are looking for a highly productive and excited Jungleboys strain, Sundae Driver is right here for you. This strain has distinct and exotic flavors at the same time. Nothing would smell sweeter and better than this realm strain. This strain’s overall taste and smell are unique, having a fruity aroma with notes of ripe cherry, fruity pebbles, and licorice. When you exhale Sundae Driver, you will note the taste like fruity pebbles, apricot, and undertones of Kush. You can puff this strain endlessly if you love the sweet and sugary taste strains.

Florida Cake Jungle Boys

Florida Cake Jungleboys strain is a combination and cross of triangle Kush and wedding cake. The overall taste and smell of this strain will not disappoint you. Florida cake has a combination taste of wedding cake with some citrusy pepperiness of triangle Kush. It offers the purest and strongest THC, up to 24%. The effects of Florida cake occur quickly and immensely but don’t last more than a few hours. If someone wants to relax for a few hours with clear thinking power, Florida cake strain is suitable.

The effects of this strain might be heavier than others. But the consumers surely enjoy the relaxation feeling that helps to minimize stress and depression. Experienced users of Florida Cake say that they can think and function more appropriately after taking a small amount of this strain. Most of the jungle boys sellers also name Florida cake only as cake. So, the names maybe a little bit interchangeable when you buy this strain from different sellers. Consequently, Florida cake has a sweet taste and offers uplifting effects.

Divorce Cake Jungle Boys

Divorce cake is made up by crossing and breeding the Wedding cake and White. This strain carries the incredible feel of resinous with a frosty appearance and creamy mint aromas. Divorce cake white strain is one of the most potent strains because of quick and hard-hitting. One more thing, this strain will also give you tingles. You can get rid of the whole week’s stress and headache in no time after taking this strain.
This strain is highly aromatic and hard to cover up with its sweet skunky smell. The buds of the Divorce cake are medium green with purple hues, bright orange hairs, and stuck because of trichomes. This strain is suitable and recommended for Sativa and Indica lovers. You can taste more citrus smoking it out of a bong. However, the slight pepper taste of Divorce cake may also burn your nose slightly.

One more thing, Divorce cake white strain is a potent hybrid. That’s why the high is sleepy and buzzed with a lot of relaxation feeling. This strain may take time to come on hard and fast. So, take it your plan accordingly. Additionally, this strain also helps to treat eye pressure, insomnia, stress, and Glaucoma.

Wedding Pie Jungle Boys

What’s about flying high with wedding pie Jungle boys’ strain? For sure, yes with holidays. This strain is a highly dominant Indica strain that smells like fuel, citrusy and sour with sharp cherry undertones. The buds of this strain have sparse auburn pistils and coated with trichomes. Wedding pie is a cross combination of grape pie and wedding cake.
The average THC level in the wedding pie strain tends up to 20% with dominant caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene terpenes. This strain offers the higher cerebral that relaxes the body deeply and free the mind from stress. On the other hand, this strain also helps balance the mood by eliminating the daily stress and depression factors.

The chunky resin-covered buds of wedding pie strain may fill the environment with the pungent earthy and sour smell because of its dominant or crossed strains. The overall smell of wedding pie is sweet, lemony, and gassy at the same time. You can put your mind on relaxation mode super easily with the highest level of enjoyment with this strain.

Jungle Boys

Motor Breath jungle boys strain fuel up with pungent gas. That’s why this strain name motor breath. This strain is an Indica dominant hybrid created by combining classic chem D and SFV OG Kush strains. Motor Breath buds are not too much popular because of their pungent smell and sharp citrus flavor upon exhale. Additionally, the overall aroma of this strain is heavy. When the nugs are burned, they quickly turn into lemon and earth tones because of chemical containment.
However, the effects of Motor Breath are also potent and offer quick calm. This strain is suitable for getting a late-night sleep with full calmness. On the other hand, this strain fills your mind with tingly feelings with ease of sleep. Motor Breaths contain a higher THC level up to 28%. That’s why this strain is often chosen to treat nausea, appetite loss, and insomnia in depression and chronic pain patients.

The buds of Motor Breath have minty green nugs spade-shaped with long orange hairs and coated with crystal trichomes. Unfortunately, you cannot carry Motor Breath along with your whole day because of its pungent smell. Despite heavy feelings of ease, Motor Breaths keeps the mind clear for thinking all time.

Banana Punch Jungle Boys

Jungle boys Banana Punch strain is a combination or bred from NBK and Purple Punch strain. It requires overall 8-10 weeks for proper growth or cultivation. Banana punch strain is a balanced combination of indica and Sativa. Therefore, it is an ideal strain for hybrid lovers. The buds of this strain offer the full heavy body effects that will make the user happy and uplift him for many hours.
This strain tastes like pineapple with swigs of banana and spicy berry. The aroma and smell of banana punch are also sweetest with a citrus overtone. The higher banana punch will uplift your mind more than heels with full feelings of relaxation. Before taking it upon you, the effects of this strain are naturally creeping. You will get the feeling of delight with a huge amount of creative energy around yourself. It will settle down your body and mind in a complete state of rest and calmness.

Because of higher-level THC, most users consider the banana punch to treat chronic pain, insomnia, depression, stress and bowel syndrome. Exciting! This strain also offers a lot of health benefits with a great balance of euphoria. You can melt and forget the stress of a whole hectic day by using the banana punch.

Cookies N Cream Jungle Boys

Cookies N Cream is a hybrid Jungleboys strain that offers long-lasting and balanced uplifting effects. This hybrid strain is a crossing or combination of pungent Starfighter and many phenotypes of Gir Scout Cookies. However, the Indica and Sativa ratio depends on the crossed pheno. Still, Cookies N Cream offers the best and long-lasting cerebral and physical effects. This strain has THC up to 25%. The Cookies N Cream strain buds are small to medium size and don’t include the chunk of clusters. Moreover, icy white trichomes make the buds of this strain slightly sticky.
Cookies N Cream strain tastes like a dessert with a vanilla scent. Furthermore, this strain also gives a hint of sourness that reminds the user of staple strain cheese. Consumers can hit it easily after burning with a smooth smoke. They can feel the creamy flavor when inhale. At the time of exhaling, they can get the feel of toasted or dried flowers. The new consumers of this strain should take precautions because of the lasting effects of the parent strain.

After taking this strain, the user may feel dizziness, light-headedness, and full-body relaxation. However, Cookies N Creams offers more mood effects than mental effects. This strain also helps to treat a few symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety disorders. Simultaneously, it can also affect your body negatively, such as the dry mouth and red eyes.

Orange Mints Jungle Boys

Orange mints Jungleboys strain has incredible flavors with higher uplifting effects. This strain comes into the market with the combination and crossing of Orange Cookies with Kush mints. Because of citrus terps, this strain would be more energizing for your body and mind. On the other hand, this strain is Indica dominant. The first thing that will inspire and hit you about Orange Mints is its crystal density.

The buds of Orange Mints are dark green coated with trichomes. Additionally, this strain is packed with an earthy tone of pistils that makes it more chilling and energizing than other strains. Because of the parent Kush Mints strain, Orange Mints also comes up with citrus and lemon-like taste. This strain has the potential ability to deal with stress and depression evenly as Orange Cookies and Kush Mints. Moreover, the addition of Myrcene offers more sweetness with relaxing effects. After a long workday, Orange Mints would be the best option to relax your mind and uplift highly with a good mood.

Purple Punchsicle Jungle Boys

Purple Punchsicle is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. This strain is created with the combination of purple punch and purple punch#20 strains. If you are a purple strain lover, this Punchsicle is suitable for you. Purple Punchsicle has a sweet flavor with higher uplifting and hitting effects. The buds of this punch taste like sweet grape candy with the hints of blueberry muffins.
Purple Punchsicle aroma is similar to the earthiness and sour citrus when the consumer broke and burned the nugs. This strain hit your head quickly and hardly when you exhale. Your mind will get the feeling of dizziness with high-flying joys and calmness. As you hit more and more purple Punchsicle, it will leave you in fully numb condition before you slip away into a relaxing and comfortable sleep.

Because of higher THC levels of up to 20%, most people use the Purple Punchsicle to treat insomnia, depression, anxiety disorder, and nausea. Purple Punchsicle is coated with purple-tinted crystal trichomes. No doubt, Jungleboys strains cultivated for medical purposes. But you can still get it legally from any official seller website and nearby pharmacy if the selling of Marijuana is legal in your state.

Milk Bone Jungle Boys

Milk Bone Jungleboys strain is rarely available. This strain is a crossing of Girl Scout Cookies and StarDawg F2 strains. Because of even Indica and Sativa strains in Milk Bone, this strain is also highly potent. Milk Bone offers the calming and soothing feeling with the sweetest taste that will help you get a good sleep for hours just after a few hits.
Moreover, it also increases the cerebral state with an uncertain sense of calmness and joy. It helps to relax your mind and free yourself from any mood swings filled with negativity. Milk Bone has a higher 18% THC level that makes it perfect for treating several health conditions. For instance, if you are suffering from chronic pain, muscle pain or cramps, Milk-Bone would be the ideal option to treat all these severe conditions.

The buds of Milk-Bone are shaped like spades, having a dark olive-green color with rich purple undertones. Additionally, this strain has orange hairs coated with tiny, frosty purple-tinted crystal trichomes. You can feel the aromas of heavy pungent fuel and chemicals when you separate the sticky nugs of Milk-Bone from each other. So, after pulling apart the nugs, this strain will taste like nutty cookies and turns pungent when you exhale.

Mimosa Jungle Boys

Mimosa Jungleboys strain is Sativa dominant created with the combination of classic purple punch and Clementine strains. If you are looking for alcohol-free early morning uplifting, Mimosa strain is surely for you. Mimosa strain is the best option if you want a bright or happy mood for the whole day and for racing sleep away. You will get more positive vibes and feels with the energetic, uplifting effects of this strain.
This strain will fill your mind with joy and calmness to motivate yourself to focus on the daily tasks. Initially, Mimosa will lightly tingle and relax your body without setting your head for rest up. With Higher 19-27% THC level, Mimosa is the best option to treat depression, chronic stress, anxiety, migraines, and nausea.

Mimosa has a sweet and sour tropical citrus flavor with light berry undertones. The aroma of Mimosa is like earthy herbs and woody flowers. The buds of Mimosa are dense rounded shapes with darker orange hairs and coated with white crystal trichomes. After hitting a few takes of Mimosa, you can boost the joy and relaxation level in your body. You are all set to get up and go to achieve your daily goals! Sativa strains like Mimosa are best for you if you want to eliminate laziness and sleep in a joyful and positive mood. So, you can say Sativa strains are better than Indica strains because of many positive and energizing effects.

Zacks Pie Jungle Boys

Zacks pie is a cross combination of wedding cake and grape pie. Zacks pie is also known as Zombie strain because of the dominant amount of Indica strain. The best thing about this strain is that it doesn’t make you dizzy and sleepy. However, it offers higher relaxing effects with a lot of positive energy at the same time. This strain is also Indica dominant but with a higher mellow pleasant. Zacks pie is great to relax in the case of muscle pain, depression, anxiety, and nausea.
This strain has a super sweet taste like cherry at exhale. Zacks pie is the best and good option to use at nighttime instead of daylight. Moreover, this strain offers the strongest and sedative effects of the Zombie. Therefore, it is suitable to treat several conditions such as cramps, spasms, insomnia, and anxiety disorder. Enjoy this strain if you want to crush stress, depression and discomfort at the same time. But if you take a heavy dose of Zacks Pie strain, it will leave soothing effects on your body with dizziness. You will feel the smell of aromatic skunky fuel when pulling apart the nuggets of Zacks pie buds. Best to make your weekend blessed and with the full feel of joy.


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